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smartBUSINESS is a web based offering that epitomizes the dynamism of the Banks e-Banking initiative.

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smartBUSINESS facilitates Businesses, Corporate & Institutional Clients to perform financial & non financial transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their convenience.

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smartBUSINESS enables Businesses to enhance their productivity & efficiency by electronically initiating and authorizing transactions as well as viewing account statement and reports from their desktop.

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smartBUSINESS has comprehensive security and control features that uses state of the art technology to make the online access secure yet simple to use.

smartBUSINESS online transaction platform comes with a host of features that are designed to meet the requirements of Businesses, Corporates & Institutional Clients. Some of the key features & benefits are:

  • Delivered online through Internet...ensuring global access at a low cost. No additional investments, all you need is a Web Enabled PC.
  • Ability to initiate and authorise a wide range of financial & non financial transactions from your your convenien 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Flexible access setup ...that can replicate any authorization tiers of your workplace.
  • Authorisation tracker ...that makes the authorisation process transparent and traceable.
  • Ability to perform a basket of transactions...thereby increasing productivity.
  • Ability to upload transactions from your financial systems through a variety of file formats ... thereby saving time and effort.
  • Choice of making an online consolidated debit in a transaction with multiple credits …thereby simplifying account reconciliation.
  • Online transaction advice and transaction efficiently handle vendor queries.
  • Auto email notification of payment to the vendor / employee.
  • Customised exchange rates published and used in the transaction.

smartBUSINESS supports a variety of security and control features. A few security design elements are listed under

  • smartBUSINESS access security is controlled through Subscriber ID, User ID and User Password.
  • Setup of authorization and access profiles can be single/dual controlled.
  • Authorization and access profiles can be setup such that only nominated users access the system on the basis of products, functions, accounts and amounts.
  • Transaction submission and authorizations are secured through use of personalized password.
  • Transactions that are released to the bank for processing use SMS PIN authentication that is unique and simple to use.
  • System Security is ensured through firewalls and 2040 bit Data Encryption
  • Unique SMS Pin authentication for administration module.

System Requirements

Processor Speed 500 Mhz or Higher
RAM 64 MB or higher
Communication Internet Connection through ISDN or ADSL
Operating System Windows NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP (English Versions)
Browser Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 resolution

Note: It is recommended that you have all the latest security updates from Microsoft windows site * SCA Commission is out of scope of UAE VAT

Contact Us

We’re here to help with the smartBusiness UAEFTS FAQs.

If you believe that someone is trying to commit fraud by pretending to be a smartBUSINESS site or Emirates NBD site, please contact immediately

Postal Address

Emirates NBD Securities LLC, P.O.Box. 9409, Dubai, UAE

Working Hours for Customer Care Center:

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (As per UAE Standard Time)

smartBUSINESS contact details
+971 4-3160214
+971 4 2226270

UAEFTS Frequently Asked Questions

As per directive from UAE Central Bank, all inter bank local transfers denominated in AED will be routed through UAEFTS post 14th April 2012. To understand more on the implications of this change, you are requested to go through the below FAQs.

UAEFTS stands for UAE Funds Transfer System. It is the new UAE Central Bank portal to be used for execution of all Inward and Outward AED payments within UAE.
The system functions as Real Time Gross Settlement System which enables execution of transactions much faster as compared to the current system.
As mandated by UAE Central Bank, remitter should provide the "TRANSACTION TYPE" along with the "PAYMENT TYPE" and "CHARGE CODE" as additional details. In the absence of these details Central Bank will not accept transfer instructions.
  • Supports online request thereby eliminating the requirement of paper based transactions
  • Effective for bulk processing of AED transactions within UAE
  • The transactions are processed on real-time basis with the status mentioned at each stage
  • As part of View Transaction Details page, each transaction on smartBUSINESS will be displayed with the Central Bank reference which can be used as unique number for transaction investigation purposes
UAE Central Bank has mandated the usage of following set of "TRANSACTION TYPE", one of which needs to be selected along with the related "PAYMENT TYPE" depending on the nature of your transfer:
Click here
Yes. If you are a smartBUSINESS payment customer using Beneficiary, Remittances, Salary product for processing local AED transactions in TT (Telegraphic Transfer) and OB (Other Bank) pay mode, please refer to the below FAQ.
Yes. While creating the transaction using one-off input, single input and Basket input for AED transactions within UAE, additional fields would be required to input which are "Transaction Type", "Payment Type" and "Charge Code". Please note that these fields are mandatory to input while creating the transaction. In case of these details not mentioned, smartBUSINESS will show the error message at the initiation stage.
Yes, you would need to change your template to include these fields. You can do so by selecting the option as "Both" once you have edited your template to include the additional details.
Yes, the payment file will need to have the below additional fields:
  • Transaction Type
  • Payment Type (corresponding to Transaction Type)
  • Charge Code

Note: Payment Details will be mandatory. You can change the payment file format in due course. Please refer the points below for further clarifications.

Yes, smartBUSINESS will automatically default the values for transaction type, payment type, and the charge code as per the below table. This is applicable for both the pay modes Telegraphic Transfer (AED Only) and Other Bank (OB).
Product Type Default Transaction Type Default Payment Type Charge Code
Salary SAL /REF/ SHA
Beneficiary REM /REF/ SHA
Remittances REM /REF/ SHA
Please get in touch with our smartBUSINESS customer service team on +971 04 3160214 to change your file upload template and necessary guidance.
No, the payment file and the file upload template can be changed only after UAEFTS go live.
smartBUSINESS will not accept the transaction and will show the error message at the payment initiation stage .
Below are the charges codes:
  • OUR - Where sender and beneficiary charges to be borne by Sender
  • BEN - Where sender and beneficiary charges to be borne by Beneficiary
  • SHA - Where the sender charges to be borne by the Sender and beneficiary charges to be borne by the Beneficiary.
Charges Code Beneficiary Remittances Salary
OUR Yes Yes No
BEN Yes Yes No
SHA Yes Yes Yes
As the transactions will be on real time basis, the cut-off time has been extended up to 1:00 PM.
Yes, IBAN will be mandatory for all the AED transactions within UAE from April 14th, 2012 except for Credit Card payments. You are requested to provide the 23 digit beneficiary IBAN which starts with AE.