Your online and mobile banking daily limits

Change your online and mobile banking daily limits easily at any time

What is your daily limit?

You can increase or decrease your daily limit for payments or transfers through online or mobile banking at any time.

Your daily limit is the maximum daily limit for all your transactions on online and mobile banking. For example, if your current daily limit for all your accounts is set to AED 10,000, and you make a utility payment of AED 5,000 and a local transfer of AED 5,000, you would have utilised your entire daily limit.

Your transaction limit, or the maximum limit the bank assigns for certain types of payments and transfers through online and mobile banking in a single day, can't be changed as this limit is based on your banking package. For example, if a transaction limit of AED 40,000 is assigned for Etisalat payments, and you make a payment of AED 20,000 from one of your accounts and a payment of AED 15,000 from a credit card, you would have utilised AED 35,000 of the transaction limit.

Change your daily limit now

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Transaction and daily limits go hand in hand. If you have exceeded your transaction limit for a certain type of payment or transfer, you will not be able to make any more transactions towards that merchant or beneficiary for the remainder of the day even if you have not utilised your entire daily limit.