Fractional bonds

Fractional Bonds/Sukuk

Invest in Fractional Bonds & Sukuk. Add a valuable piece to your portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio seamlessly with Fractional Bonds/Sukuk, the new way to gain access to a world of fixed-income opportunities, one fraction at a time. Enhance your investment portfolio by accessing international bond/sukuk markets with a minimum investment starting as low as USD 25,000.
How do Fractional Bonds/Sukuk work?

How do Fractional Bonds/Sukuk work?

Fractional Bond/Sukuk facilitate buying a small, nominal quantity of the underlying bond/sukuk rather than the standard market minimums. Instead of purchasing one bond/sukuk with a minimum investment of USD 200,000, investors can invest in 8 different bonds/sukuk at USD 25,000 each.

Fractional Bonds/Sukuk are an exclusive offer for Emirates NBD customers. Given the structure of fractional ownership, bonds/sukuk purchased by investors under this program can only be traded through Emirates NBD.

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