Women’s Protect

Put yourself first

Focus on your recovery instead of worrying about financial matters. The medical conditions covered include different types of cancer including cervical, breast and ovarian.

Up to AED 400,000 cash benefit

Premiums start from AED 32 per month

Annual increase in coverage at no extra cost

Care for You

Focus on your recovery

Be prepared for additional financial surprises, post traumatic incidents. Benefit from an economic insurance plan which pays a guaranteed lump sum amount in case of bone fractures, dislocation and concussions due to serious injury.

Up to AED 56,000 coverage

Premiums start from AED 57 per month

Ability to cover spouse and children (max 3)

Critical Illness

Unexpected time, expected insurance

With rapid advances in medical research and treatments, the chances of overcoming a serious illness are very high. Yet, the costs associated with the treatment are also on the rise.

Up to AED 400,000 cash benefit

Premiums start from AED 43 per month

Ability to cover spouse for a low additional cost

Multi Protect

Plan for tomorrow and stay protected today

MetLife’s Multi Protect combines protection with value-added Living Benefits to give you full protection from all angles. You’ll have access to benefits that protect your health today, while making sure that your loved ones are protected in case you aren’t able to provide for them anymore.

Critical Illness cover of up to AED 400,000

Lump sum of up to AED 550,000 accidental cover

Hospitalization benefit for up to 365 days and up to AED 325 per night

COVID related hospitalization coverage

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