About smartSCF

With smartSCF, corporate buyers can take advantage of improved payment terms, while suppliers benefit from the early payment of their invoices at a preferential rate.

Unlocks Working Capital

Improve your cash conversion cycle by extending the programme to your suppliers and take advantage of improved payment terms.

Infuses Liquidity in Supply Chain

Provide liquidity to your suppliers much earlier than the contractual payment terms at a lower financing rate.

Improves Commercial Terms

Take advantage of earlier access to liquidity to renegotiate discounts with suppliers and reduce your procurement costs.

Key Features

Web-based Platform

Get real-time access to data with automation and decision-making tools, integrated into a secure cloud-enabled platform.

Contactless Supplier Onboarding

Allow suppliers to self-onboard to the programme digitally with an automated Supplier Onboarding Tool.

Complete Transparency and Visibility

Have access to information at your fingertips on an interactive dashboard and MIS with inquiry and reporting tools.

Automated Payable Process

Simplify your Payable Process by integrating your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with smartSCF. Other features include Host to Host and Manual Invoice upload.

Dynamic Discounting

An innovative solution introduced in this region for the first time. Buyers can use their surplus cash and earn higher risk-free return. By using their cash flows to fund early supplier payments through various discounting models, suppliers get early payments at preferential financing rate.

Mutual Platform Access

Reduce inquiry traffic from suppliers with platform access to both corporate buyers and suppliers.

How it Works

smartSCF allows you to digitise your payable process so you can benefit from improved cash flow and working capital efficiencies. In turn, your suppliers benefit from early payment of their invoices without the need for collaterals and at competitive rates.

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