Board composition

The Board, together with the Board Nomination, Remuneration and Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (BNRESGC), determines the size and composition of the board, subject to provisions of the Corporate Governance Regulations and the bank’s articles of association.

The Bank's Board of Directors comprises nine directors and the board composition is aligned to the relevant requirements of UAE Central Bank Regulations:

  • All directors are non-executive directors
  • All directors are UAE nationals
  • More than one – third of the directors are independent

Collectively, the directors contribute a broad range of skills, diversity, expertise and experience from a range of backgrounds.

Board appointments

The Bank recognizes that an effective Board is critical to ensuring that the Board meets its primary responsibility to promote the success of the Group.

The Board Nomination, Remuneration and Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (BNRESGC) plays an important role in the selection and recommendation of potential Directors for appointment to the Board and ensuring that the Board is comprised of individuals with a balance of skills, diversity and expertise who collectively possess appropriate qualifications according to the size, complexity and risk profile of the Bank.

All candidates for Board membership are subject to a Fit and Proper Process to ensure they have sufficient competence, knowledge and experience to effectively carry out their duties. The Directors are elected by Ordinary Resolution at the Bank’s Annual General Meeting by means of cumulative voting by the shareholders. Any Candidate for appointment as a Director must be pre-approved by the UAE Central Bank.

As stipulated in ENBD’s Articles of Association, all Directors hold office for a term of three years and are eligible for re-appointment thereafter.

Board diversity

The board currently has female representation in line with the Emirates NBD Board Charter. Emirates NBD is committed to gender diversity, both within the composition of the board and within the workforce. The BNRESGC supports the nomination of female candidates and will continue to review opportunities to include gender diversity as part of the board succession process.

Board charter

This Charter sets out the authority, responsibilities, and composition of the Board and the Board committees. This Charter shall be read together with the Bank’s Corporate Governance Manual.

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