Card stuck in ATM

If your card is stuck in an ATM, call us immediately

We'll replace your card for free

Your debit or credit card can be captured by the ATM for several reasons. When this happens, inform the bank immediately by calling +971 600 54 0000. We recommend that you have the bank block the card to prevent misuse.

Possible reasons your card can get stuck in the ATM:

  • You enter the wrong PIN three times
  • You take too long to retrieve your card from the ATM after your transaction
  • The card is blocked
  • The ATM may not be working 

What happens next

The card will be retrieved by the vendor servicing the machine and sent back to the bank operating the ATM. If it’s not an Emirates NBD ATM, the operating bank will send the card to us. You can call us to have the card replaced free of cost. Your new card will have a new number, CVV and expiry date and you can start using it after you activate the card and set your new PIN.


Online Banking or Mobile Banking are the quickest ways to change your card PIN. Just follow these instructions.

Yes, you can do this by setting the card’s daily and monthly cash withdrawal limit to below AED100. This is the minimum amount for a cash withdrawal at ATMs in the UAE.