Getting you started

Whatever your business size or complexity, we are focused on providing you with all the banking services your business needs to thrive - from accounts to transactions, facilities to investments, cash management to payments.

We have a full range of packages and accounts tailored for any size business, together with credit and debit cards to enable quick and easy payments on your terms.

Business Packages

We are committed to helping you explore opportunities, and our suite of value-enhanced business banking packages are designed to help you and your business stay ahead of the curve.

We offer six distinct Business Banking packages, designed around the services businesses seek most from us.

All our packages provides you with

  • Free state of the art Online Banking platform: businessONLINE
  • Preferential pricing on banking transactions
  • Comprehensive suite of products & services
  • Our dedicated call center for all your enquiries
  • Over 69 branches, 500+ ATMs and cash deposit machines across the UAE

Business Accounts

Our accounts cover all your everyday business banking needs, from basic checking account to interest earning accounts and flexible deposit.

* At the bank's discretion and subject to approval.

Business Cards

Our business Credit and Debit Cards offer a wide range of benefits and savings to support your business success. Both products are backed with worldwide offers that add value to your transactions and reduce your cost of doing business.

Running your business

We have decades of experience helping large and small companies manage all their banking needs.

You’ll benefit from business banking services and financing solutions that help you stay on top of cash flow and maximise the potential of your organisation’s financial assets.

Cash Management

We drive cost and time savings for your business through efficient and effective cash management solutions that cover your regular and routine payments, collections and overall liquidity to flatten financial cycles and unlock working capital for your business.


Hassle-free way to automate salary payments to your employees

  • Salary payment
  • Supplier payments
  • Utility and Government payments
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Enhance security, savings, business time and money

  • Physical and digital collection systems
  • Secure cash and cheque pick-up
  • Online collection of customer payments by direct debits
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Solutions for increased efficiency and reduced costs

  • Standing instructions at reduced costs
  • Simple or complex sweeping and pooling capabilities
  • Tailored investments to maximise returns on idle or surplus cash
  • Post-dated cheque warehousing
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Facilitating your business transactions

  • Real estate escrow
  • Commercial escrow
  • Owner association/body corporate escrow
  • Advisory, deposit/payment management, reconciliation and reporting services
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Our Treasury team will help you manage your financial assets, optimise your company’s liquidity and navigate your international trade with insight and confidence.

Spot Trade

  • Trade in more than 25 currencies
  • Manage quick overseas or cross-currency payments or receivables
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Forward Contracts

  • A hedging tool with no upfront payment
  • Pre-agreed rate and maturity date
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Interest Rate Swap

  • Exchange the future interest rate payments you make over a set period on loans or bonds
  • Make no exchange of the principal
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Structured Deposit

  • Potential for higher returns compared to fixed deposits
  • May be taken in ‘tranches’ with either a fixed offer period or available until the tranche is fully subscribed
  • Returns depend on the performance of the underlying investment product
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Dual Currency Deposits

  • Combination of a cash or money market deposit with a foreign exchange option
  • Capital and interest can be converted into an alternative currency
  • Yield depends on several variables including currency pair, term, market interest rates and volatility of currencies used
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Financing your business

We recognise that quick and seamless access to your funds is critical to your business success.

We work hard to make sure you get the most out of your banking relationship with us and receive the financing your business needs at every stage of its growth story.

Working Capital

We can support your business with the working capital you need to minimise risks and seize opportunities with confidence


Short-term cash flow so you can focus on growth opportunities.

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The support your business needs to expand your trade horizons.

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Business Loans

We have a range of products that can be tailored to help you get the financing you need to maximise your organisation’s potential.

Growing your wealth

Your wealth needs to be carefully managed to enable it to grow. That means not only finding the right vehicles to enhance its value, but also protecting what you have to ensure it is not lost due to unforeseen events.

We offer an extensive range of investment and insurance options to suit your unique needs and goals.


Care Plus Life Insurance

All the protection you need against unforeseen eventualities.

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Non life insurance

All the protection you need against unforeseen eventualities.

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Our investment team is ready to advise you on a curated selection of investment options to help you achieve optimum returns on your capital.  

Mutual Funds

  • Pools of funds collected from many investors for investment in stocks, bonds or other assets
  • Own units in the fund, which is operated by a professional fund manager who aims to deliver capital gains and income for all the fund’s investors

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  • Debt securities issued by governments, corporations or other institutions to raise funds
  • Provide a steady flow of investment income, and potentially lower the overall portfolio risks

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  • Sukuk is a financial certificate that is Shari’ah compliant
  • They represent an undivided ownership in an asset or a special investment activity

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Structured Products

  • Designed to achieve risk-return objectives that are not achievable with traditional investments
  • Return on capital invested may be linked to the performance of an index, a “basket” of selected stocks, or other underlying traditional assets
  • May also include an element of principal protection

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Gold Savings Certificates

  • For investment or as a gift, each certificate is valid for five years from the date of issue
  • Sold in multiples of 300 grams (999 finesse) and 500 grams (995 finesse)
  • Priced against the global spot market
  • Can be redeemed against physical gold or the equivalent amount in cash at any time until maturity

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Ways of Banking

Whether you prefer to bank online or with a personal touch

We're always available to help you get the most out of banking with us.



Phone Banking


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Emirates NBD is the Middle East's leading banking group, creating value for and providing a comprehensive range of banking services to government, business and individual customers every day.

For over 50 years, Emirates NBD has built on strong historical and financial foundations, growing and diversifying to become one of the GCC's largest financial institutions and Dubai's flagship bank.