Global Investment Outlook 2024

We start 2024 with a positioning shaped by a combination of fundamental and behavioral analysis. After the year-end rally, we appreciate safe sources of income. We are cautious with some expensive and crowded asset classes. We are slightly defensive, but this is not an outright risk aversion: we see value in selected stocks from emerging markets and bonds, even in the high yield segment. As data progressively lifts the veil on the state of the world in 2024, we are prepared to be tactically active and more selective than ever.

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Global Investment Outlook 2024

Market Matters

Hosted by Maurice Gravier, Chief Investment Officer and Khatija Haque, Head of Research & Chief Economist at Emirates NBD. Together with their teams, they will provide you with the latest insights on the economy and markets, and how these may impact your investments and business decisions.

In the latest episode, Khatija Haque and Maurice Gravier discuss the outlook for the global economy this year and how investors position themselves to take advantage of higher interest rates and faster growth in Emerging Markets.

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