United Against Fraud

United Against Fraud

Fighting together against scams

Across the UAE, new types of fraud make the rounds every week.

To stay protected, it is crucial to be aware of the types of fraud occurring:


Impersonating police, bank or central bank, or government staff

Beware of fraudsters calling from private or unknown numbers asking for personal information.

Stealing information via WhatsApp messages pretending to be from official authorities

Block and report WhatsApp messages from known or unknown numbers asking you to share OTPs or sensitive information.

Delivery SMS from private numbers with malicious links

Do not click on suspicious links from private or unknown numbers pretending to be brands.

Tricking callers with false sense of urgency

The bank will never pressure you into sharing personal information or bank account details over the phone. Never add new beneficiaries to your mobile banking at the request of an unknown caller.

Asking to reconfirm personal data to validate expired or suspended Emirates ID

Always verify who is contacting you before sharing sensitive and personal information. The bank will never ask for such information over the phone.

Fake calls claiming a blocked card prompting to login to ENBD X app and share Smart Pass authentication

Banks or official authorities will never ask you to share passwords or authentication codes over the phone; fraudsters may send you one-time passwords (OTPs), notifications from UAEPASS, or messages from other genuine government departments to trick you into believing them.

Read OTP message carefully

Be extra careful and check the value, currency and the merchant name on the OTP messages that you receive from the bank.

Do not add unknown beneficiaries

Never add any online or mobile banking beneficiaries to your account at the request of an unknown caller.

Stay vigilant against fraud

If you detect any fraudulent activity, please contact us immediately on 600 540000 and when prompted, please say “Emergency”. For cards, you can also immediately block your Debit/Credit card conveniently via ENBD X, the Emirates NBD Mobile Banking app.

Together, we can beat scammers at their own game.

United Against Fraud with Emirates NBD