Add or remove a digital banking beneficiary

Make transfers and payments faster by adding beneficiaries via Online or Mobile Banking

Why do you need to add beneficiaries or payees?

Before you make a payment or transfer to anyone using digital banking, you need to have them on your list of beneficiaries. A beneficiary or payee can be a person or a company. Having approved beneficiaries or payees already on your digital banking list makes payments and transfers quick and easy.

When you add a new beneficiary, you have to wait a minimum of 24 hours before you can make a transfer. 

How to add a beneficiary

Choose one of the options below to proceed:


Your beneficiary will be added instantly.

Western Union transfer beneficiaries may take up to 1 working day to be added.

How to remove a beneficiary

Choose one of these options below to proceed:


Now that you've refreshed your beneficiary list, see how to make an international transfer.


When you add payment and transfer beneficiaries you can group them. For example, you can create a transfer beneficiary group called ‘Family’ under which you can have multiple beneficiaries such as your father, mother and siblings. Similarly, you can also add payment beneficiaries into groups. For example, within Etisalat as a payment group, you can have cable, land line, internet and mobile phone as beneficiaries. You will be able to edit details, view transfer summary and even add new beneficiaries within this group.