Standard Savings Account

Easy access to your savings with benefits

Our Standard Savings Account is available in UAE Dirhams only, it pays a competitive interest rate and gives you access to your savings whenever and wherever you need them. Its features also include:

  • 0.20% annual interest on balances
  • Free international ATM/debit card
  • 24-hour access by ATMs, phone (landline or mobile), and online
  • Payment facilities for telephone, electricity, Salik recharge, road fines and other bills
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Manchester United Savings Account

You win with every goal

Celebrate your favourite team with the new Manchester United Savings Account available in UAE Dirhams only. Its unique ability to pay a higher interest rate every time your team scores a goal, plus a range of other benefits and rewards, make this a perfect match. Other features include:

  • Free international Manchester United debit card
  • 24-hour easy access through ATMs, over the phone and online, and via branches and ATMs
  • Monthly statement
  • Bill payment facilities for telephones, electricity, Salik recharge, road fines and more

Smart S@ver Account

An online solution with higher rates and currency options

The Emirates NBD Private Banking Smart S@ver Account is designed for people who like to manage their account online. It offers a range of currency options, higher interest rates and easy to use management tools. Its features also include:


Tiered Savings Account

The more for more savings account

Like so many things in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Our Tiered Savings Account rewards you by offering a higher interest rate as your savings balance grows, as well as other benefits, which include:

  • Available in AED and USD
  • Free international ATM/debit card (only for AED accounts)
  • Monthly statement
  • No cheque book

Currency Passport Savings Account

Savings in a range of currencies, with extra services

One account to hold balances in different currencies. It offers attractive interest rates and allows you to pay your bills easily.

  • Available in AUD, BHD, CAD, CNH, GBP, HKD, JOD, KWD, OMR, SAR, SGD, USD
  • 0.15% interest for select currencies
  • Transfers between Currency Passport Savings Accounts in different currencies permitted.
  • Bill payment facilities for a wide range of services, including telephone, electricity, Salik recharge, and road fines
  • Quarterly statement
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Skywards Savings Account

Savings that will take you places

The Skywards Savings Account allows you to save as well as gain Skywards miles. It includes a debit card and offers exclusive rewards and benefits whether you save or spend while on your travels.


Mudaraba Savings Account

A profitable partnership to grow your savings

Mudaraba is a profit-sharing partnership contract in a joint investment that supports growth in your savings. It is a smart solution for individuals wishing to have their savings managed under a Shari'a-compliant structure. Other features include:

  • Available in AED and USD
  • Competitive profit rates
  • Minimum balance of AED 3,000
  • Profits paid quarterly
  • Minimum tenure of 30 days to receive profit
  • For individuals only

Plus Saver Account

Earn high interest rates on your online savings account

Make your savings work hard for you and enjoy higher interest rates that increase with higher balances.

  • Available in AED & USD currencies
  • Use Online Banking to transfer funds into the account
  • Enjoy flexibility of a savings account with high interest rates
  • No ATM card or Cheque book
PromoCardWithHighlights Plus Saver Account

Family Savings Account for UAE Nationals

One Savings Account for every member of your family

Imagine your family each having their own AED Savings Account with a free debit card, all held separately within one account. The Family Savings Account, exclusively for UAE nationals, offers just that, with higher interest rates based on the total of individual balances held. This unique account can be used by up to 10 immediate family members, and it also includes:

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