Non-funded lines provide the support your business needs to expand your trade horizons. Our facilities cover a wide range of services, including Letters of Credit and Guarantees.


Letters of Credit:

For hassle-free local and international payments, our specialist team ensures that you receive the efficient documentation support your business needs for fast and smooth transactions.



Navigate your business relationships with greater confidence, backed by Emirates NBD’s wide range of financial and non-financial guarantees, tailored to your industry, business and unique situation.


Funded lines support the short-term cash flow requirements of your business, so you can focus on growth opportunities and cash flow management. Our facilities include funding your supply chain, operational expenses and discounting future trade receivables.


However successful your business, your cashflow may not always match your financing needs. Short or longer term overdraft is often the fastest and easiest way of bridging a temporary gap. We can negotiate attractive terms and competitive rates to meet your specific business context.

Cheque Discounting

We can help you meet your financing immediate needs by facilitating payment on post-dated cheques. Whether for batches or single larger payments, if you need your business income to be more manageable, a discount facility could be the right option for your business.

Loan Against Trust Receivables

The relationship we have with you gives us a clear picture of your income flows, which may include sources outside your primary business. A loan using trust receivables as collateral can be easily and quickly arranged at highly preferable rates

Loan Against POS Receivables

We can help you use it to support your ongoing financial needs. If you are a merchant using credit card Point of Sale (POS) machines for your daily business transactions, that value is your POS receivables. It can be used to leverage a loan of up to AED 5 million for 48 months, offering low interest rates and a top-up facility after 12 months. It does not even have to be our POS machine.

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Term Loans

  • Support your short-term and long-term financing requirements
  • Finance your real estate construction/projects
  • Help you to manage your cashflow and grow your business
  • Flexible terms and competitive interest rates
  • Regular payments over a timescale that makes sense for your organisation

Project finance

  • Finance for your large-scale infrastructure or industrial projects
  • Repayments based on the cash flow generated by your project
  • Short-term and long-term financing plan, aligned with the nature of your project and the needs of your business

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