Integrity and trust

Within our business operations and expertise, lies a reflection of our unwavering dedication to integrity, trust and responsible banking practices.

Embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity and empowering our teams, we ensure that every voice is heard, every step is mindful, and every endeavor undertaken is with the utmost consideration for our customers, communities and environment. We challenge ourselves to be the pioneers of change, raising the bar of ethical conduct and redefining the boundaries of responsible banking.

Board Nomination, Remuneration and ESG committee (BNRESG)

The primary responsibility and function of the BNRESGC is to assist the board to fulfil its duties by overseeing:

  • Matters relating to the board, including the composition, nomination, assessment, succession plans and remuneration policies for the directors
  • Reporting on corporate governance and remuneration matters, and the development of the corporate governance framework, systems and controls
  • Oversight of Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and corporate sustainability strategy
  • Corporate culture and values, including its governance culture
  • Selection, assessment, succession and remuneration policies for senior management
  • HR strategy, including Emiratisation


The committee is comprised of no less than three non-executive directors or independent directors and should respond directly to the board of directors. Members of the BNRESG are appointed directly by the Board of Directors for an initial period of three years.

More information about this committee and additional governance insights can be found in the 2022 Emirates NBD Corporate Governance Report.

Environmental, Social and Governance

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