Using FastPay to send and receive money

FastPay is our mobile service that lets you make instant cashless transfers without an account number or IBAN

Sending and receiving money has never been easier!

With FastPay, you can transfer and receive money easily and quickly to or from anyone using just a UAE mobile number. No need for an account number or IBAN. You can transfer directly to an Emirates NBD account or to an ATM from where your recipient can collect it.

Need to send money to someone who is not an Emirates NBD customer? Not a problem. All they need to do is download the ENBD X Mobile app and then move the money to their account using their UAE mobile number. See how to do this below.

Please note, you can’t use FastPay with a Gold Savings Accounts.

Here's everything you need to know about our exclusive mobile cashless money transfer service.


How to transfer money using FastPay


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How to receive money using FastPay

Choose one of the options below to receive money:



There is a limit of AED 2,000 per transaction and a maximum amount of AED 4,000 per day.

You can withdraw a maximum of AED 2,000 per day in multiples of 100 from an ATM.

Yes, you can, but it's not a direct transfer. Your beneficiary will need to download the Emirates NBD Mobile App and have the money transferred to their local account using their mobile number.

No, you can’t cancel a FastPay transfer. However, if your beneficiary doesn’t claim the money in 24 hours, the transaction will expire and the amount will be reversed.

The transfer PIN for a third party will expire in 24 hours. In the case of a self-withdrawal, the PIN code will expire in 1 hour. To learn about cardless withdrawal, click here.

If you enter the wrong PIN twice, the transaction will be cancelled automatically.

If you don’t claim the FastPay transfer, the amount will be reversed to the sender in 24 hours.