Restructure your loan

Let us help you manage your monthly payments better

Have you had a change in circumstances and are finding it hard to pay back your loan? We can help you restructure your loan into more manageable monthly payments.

If you have multiple loans, consider our debt consolidation programme, One Pay.

Speak to us now

Come to your nearest Emirates NBD branch and we’ll be happy to help. Bring your passport or Emirates ID for identification.

We’ll review your request and once it’s all approved, you can start paying your new installments from the very next month.

Consolidate your liabilities – One Pay

If you have multiple loans, including debt on your credit card, we can make your payments easier by clubbing all your debt into one so you pay just one easy installment every month.

Our debt consolidation programme, One Pay, makes this possible and also gives you preferential interest rates.

Calculate your single monthly payment and apply now.

Fees and charges

You pay a rescheduling fee of AED 262.5 when you apply for a loan restructure. There are no other fees or charges.


Yes, you can. You can also club all your loans and pay back in one easy monthly instalment under our debt consolidation programme, One Pay. You could benefit from a discount and reduced interest rates, depending on the terms and conditions at the time you apply. Please visit one of our branches to know more.

We will consider your loan tenure, the amount you owe the bank and your personal circumstances. To know more, please come to a branch and one of our loan experts will help you out.