Request a Liability or No-liability Letter

Apply for a Liability or No-liability letter easily via Online or Mobile Banking

What are Liability and No-liability letters?

A Liability Letter is an official document that lists and confirms your current financial obligations such as loans and credit cards with the bank. It’s valid for 15 days. A No-liability Letter, on the other hand, confirms you have no liabilities with the bank.

Request a letter now

If you don’t have an Emirates NBD AED account or if you are addressing the letter to a financial institution: Please visit an Emirates NBD branch with your Emirates ID or passport for identification and we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, proceed with your request using one of the options below. 


What’s next?

Your request will take 7 working days to be processed. You’ll receive an SMS on your registered mobile number once your letter is ready to be collected. Come to your nearest Emirates NBD branch and remember to bring your Emirates ID or passport for identification.

Fees and charges

The fees and charges for a Liability or No-liability letter are determined by your banking package. Click on the relevant link below for details:


A liability letter can be issued under your name or addressed to a third party such as a government entity, service provider or a financial institution.

A No-liability letter can only be addressed to yourself if you’ve never held a loan or credit card with us or if your previously held financial obligations with Emirates NBD were cleared using your own funds, the Crown Prince Court (Diwan) or a charitable organization.

You could need this letter for a number of reasons. You might be taking a loan, applying for a new credit card and the bank has requested it, or you may be moving to another country from the UAE and Immigration authorities might need to see it.