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We help you build your portfolio and investment knowledge through tailored advice based on your agreed investment plan. You will receive access to our “house view” publications, produced by the office of our Chief Investment Officer, which include our quarterly and annual investment outlook, and insightful market insights and trends. You will also have 24/7 access to information about your investments through our mobile and online banking channels.
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An investment approach tailored to you

Our guiding principle is to provide you with knowledgeable and appropriate advice. We make no decisions for you. Our wealth advisors are selected and trained to ensure that you receive all the information and guidance you need to create an investment plan that is right for you.

You will have an initial in-depth conversation with your dedicated wealth advisor to enable us to understand your current financial position, as well as your goals and needs. Only after that has been completed and agreed will we suggest a suitable investment portfolio designed specifically for you, and then support you with regular updates and advice throughout the investment lifecycle.

A suite of hand-picked investment vehicles

Guided by our in-house approach and in-depth knowledge of local, regional and global markets, your wealth advisor will work with you to build your ideal portfolio. Drawing on a wide range of pre-approved investment products, your advisor will help you select those that best meet your unique needs and objectives.

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