Foreign currency accounts

Open a foreign currency account, bank globally and take advantage of higher interest rates

Global banking advantage

Designed to meet your financial needs, our foreign currency accounts offer convenience and flexibility when managing your funds from wherever you are in the world. We support all major currencies including USD, GBP, SAR, CAD and SGD.

Enjoy your banking experience and anytime access to your accounts using any of our banking platforms.

You can open a foreign currency account instantly through Mobile or Online Banking.




Your foreign currency account gives you the freedom to make unrestricted transactions on a day-to-day basis.


You can deposit foreign currencies into your account at any of our ATMs or by visiting our branches.


You can withdraw in AED from any of our ATMs or in foreign currency by visiting a branch. Here are the locations of our ATMs and branches.



Deposits and withdrawals via branches may include charges. Teller charges vary depending on your banking package with us. Be sure to inform the bank in advance of your visit so the currency can be arranged for you. 


If you’re an existing customer, yes you can open a foreign currency account instantly through Mobile Banking or Online Banking. If you're a new customer, you'll first need to open a savings or current account with us.

Yes, you can make transfers. Learn how to make a transfer using Online and Mobile Banking here.
No, debit cards and cheque books are not issued for Foreign Currency Accounts.