Receiving a transfer or payment

Receive transfers and payments into your Emirates NBD account from local or international accounts 

Receive transfers in AED or foreign currency

You can receive transfers into your Emirates NBD account from other local AED or foreign currency accounts, or even from abroad in foreign currencies.

If you’re receiving funds in a foreign currency, you can ask the sender to remit funds either in their currency or in AED depending on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Funds received in a currency different from your account currency will be credited at our exchange rates. While Emirates NBD offers the most competitive exchange rates, you might want to check the current rate before deciding what currency to receive your transfer in.


Things you should know:

  • Transfers can be received in over 28 currencies
  • Transfers from Emirates NBD accounts are free
  • Automatic credit to your Emirates NBD savings or current account
  • You receive an SMS alert when the amount is credited to your account