Transfer to another ENBD or EI account

Send money instantly to another Emirates NBD or Emirates Islamic Bank account

It’s simple and instant

Transfer money instantly from one Emirates NBD account to another, or to an Emirates Islamic Bank account - just provide the beneficiary or destination account number.

If you’re transferring to someone who is not on your list of beneficiaries, you can add them as a new beneficiary first and then make the transfer. This will make transferring to this beneficiary easier in future. Or, if it's a one-time transfer, just use the account number you’re transferring to.


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Fees and charges

Transfers to ENBD and EI account are free via Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

If you visit a branch to make the transfer, charges will be based on your banking package.

Learn more about your banking package fees and charges on the links below:


To setup a new standing instruction for transfers or payments, follow these simple steps on Online Banking:

  • Click on Pay and transfer > Transfer or Payment
  • Select a beneficiary from the list or start a new transfer or payment
  • Enter the beneficiary details or amount, enable Auto-payment and Next
  • Review and Submit
  • You will receive an authorisation on your mobile app to proceed with this request. Open your Mobile App and Slide to confirm
  • Enter your Smart Pass PIN*

*Don’t know your Smart Pass PIN? Or have not yet registered for Smart Pass? Reset your PIN or register for Smart Pass now

If you’re placing a transfer to an ENBD or EI account through Online Banking or Mobile Banking, the amount you can transfer will depend on your banking package. To carry out a transfer for an amount that exceeds your Online Banking and Mobile Banking daily limits, please visit your nearest branch.

The destination account will be credited in the same currency it is opened in.