Transfer money between your own accounts

Move money instantly between your Emirates NBD accounts via Mobile, Online or Phone Banking, a branch or ATM

Click and transfer instantly

Transfer money in any currency between your own accounts within Emirates NBD so long as one of the accounts is in AED. For example: AED to GBP or EUR to AED and so on. Just choose the accounts you want to move the money from and to and the transfer will be instant.


Fees and charges

Transfers to your own accounts are free via Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

If you visit a branch to make the transfer, charges will be based on your banking package.

Learn more about your banking package fees and charges on these links:


Transfer now

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To setup a new standing instruction for transfers or payments, follow these simple steps on Online Banking:

  • Click on Pay and transfer > Transfer or Payment > Standing Instruction
  • Select new Transfer or Payment, then select the Account you’re making the transfer or payment from
  • Select the Beneficiary and enter details

If you’re making a transfer to your own account through Online or Mobile Banking, the amount you can transfer will depend on your banking package and transaction limit. To transfer an amount that exceeds your daily limits, please visit your nearest branch.