Update your employment details

Changed jobs? Let us know so we can keep your records up to date

Why we ask for this information

When you leave a company, the employer will usually mark your last salary as final and include end-of-service gratuity. If you have liabilities with the bank, your account could be frozen, but it will be unfrozen as soon as you prove you have a new job by providing the documents below.

If you have no liabilities with us, and you intend to keep transferring your salary to your Emirates NBD account, you need to provide your new employer with your account details.

Visit a branch with your documents

Visit your nearest branch with the following documents and your employment details will be updated in 3 to 5 working days.

  • Emirates ID or Emirates ID application
  • passport
  • new employment visa
  • new labour card
  • new contract copy
  • new salary transfer letter