Tanfeeth Leadership Offsite sets the Stage for a Transformative 2024

Tanfeeth kicked off 2024 with a remarkable Leadership Offsite event at the Jumeriah Golf Estates on Wednesday, 10 January 2024. With a renewed focus on customer experience, innovation and sustainability, not only did the event celebrate the achievements of the past but also motivated the Tanfeeth leadership team to embrace the future with enthusiasm and determination.

Tanfeeth Leadership Offsite sets the Stage for a Transformative 2024

The Offsite started with a welcome note from Maryam Bahlooq – CEO, Tanfeeth, who presented the vision and five strategic pillars that will guide our journey in 2024:

  • CXcelerate: Our primary focus this year is on achieving Customer Experience (CX) excellence. We aim to create the best customer journeys and elevate the overall experience for every customer interaction.
  • Expand: We will continue developing our current presence in the UAE and explore new locations to broaden our footprint as Tanfeeth is set to further expand its operations in Dubai and Sharjah in addition to new locations, and will also establish a new hub in Al Ain, with the aim of attracting 100 UAE nationals
  • Upskill: Investing in our teams’ growth has been a constant priority for Tanfeeth. We will continue to upskill and reskill our teams to make sure we remain at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.
  • 7EVEN: Building on our existing strengths, we are launching a new Operational Excellence program called 7EVEN. This programme will promote Lean practices and further enhance our efficiency, quality, and overall performance.
  • Transform: Our transformation journey remains a core focus. We are committed to evolving and innovating in response to industry changes and the dynamic needs of our customers.

Maryam Bahlooq was followed by insightful speeches from Emirates NBD Group esteemed guests, including Marwan Hadi - Group Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Abdulla Qassem – Group Chief Operating Officer and Tanfeeth Chairman, Eman Abdulrazzaq - Group Chief Human Resource Officer and Farid Al Mulla - Emirates Islamic CEO. They spoke on fostering a culture of ownership, constantly seeking new ideas, technologies, and processes to drive growth and promote an exceptional customer experience.

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It provided an opportunity for the entire team to come together and celebrate their collective success, including recognizing and appreciating the efforts of long-standing leaders. The 10 and 15-year Milestone Awards were presented to nine individuals, acknowledging their dedication and contributions to the organization’s growth.

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The final part of the event featured renowned futurist and bestselling author, Brett King, who shared insights on the next generation of customer experience. Brett shared his expertise and insights on emerging trends and technologies that are reshaping customer expectations worldwide. His session inspired the leadership team, providing them with valuable insights and a fresh perspective on how to enhance Tanfeeth's customer experience initiatives.

Overall, the event served as a reminder of the collective commitment to excellence and the shared vision of creating a positive impact on customers, employees and the environment. As Tanfeeth embarks on its transformative journey in 2024, it invites everyone to join them on this exciting adventure.

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