Tanfeeth invites Zomato Executive, Deepak Chandu, as the first guest in Y.E.S. Forum

It is almost lunchtime and instead of eating leftovers from the night before or making the trip to replenish your groceries; you are more than likely to turn to your mobile phone with your delivery App of choice to order your favorite take-out. In the UAE, we are spoiled for options when it comes to food delivery Apps from popular ones such as Zomato, Talabat, Deliveroo to UberEats, and even Careem, all of them promising to deliver your food to you in under an hour.

As part of our Year of Exceptional Service (Y.E.S), Tanfeeth was pleased to invite Deepak Chandu - Business Head of Online Delivery in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Zomato, to our first Y.E.S Forum. The Y.E.S Forum is an hour session where an external guest, from any industry, shares their experience and expertise with Tanfeeth Senior Management on their company’s best practices and real service excellence examples in order for us to learn from them.

Deepak began with sharing how the ‘food on demand’ business and its volumes are on a global uprise after the COVID-19 pandemic. “Food Delivery apps like Zomato will only continue to grow in popularity but our competition is becoming fierce”. For example: did you know by the end of 2021, more than half of restaurants spending is projected to be “off premise”?

Steve Thompson, Tanfeeth Chief Operations Officer shared that this first Y.E.S. Forum has been a great success – “Thanks to Deepak and the Zomato team, it has been fascinating to learn from them since all of us are part of the service industry. It is inspiring the way Zomato planted a seed of an idea and it has grown so exponentially – it inspires us to double down on our digital efforts to create the simple and seamless banking experience for every customer. Learning is a huge part of the Year of Exceptional Service and this is a great example of sharing perspectives on the way others work to overcome complex challenges”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all the power of digitization. Food delivery Apps like Zomato have been providing us all with ease and convenience. All of us are customers and we have the same demands as everyone else, thus we can relate to having a bad customer experience. For a company like Zomato, the margin for error is huge, they take on the responsibility for the food itself, the packaging, delivery times and drivers’ issues. Deepak explained that his team is told to give their customers the kind of service they would expect from other businesses. If someone is paying for a meal and you give them more than they asked for, for example: a discount, you will see them more often. Deepak believes it is all about communication, preparedness and patience. Next time, when something is amiss with your order, think about how the other person on the live chat or phone call is trying to deliver their best, just like we are.

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