Tanfeeth Agile Squads

Creating simple and seamless banking experience for every customer is at the heart of Tanfeeth’s ethos. Delivering on this purpose requires us to continuously innovate and improve two inter-connected paradigms of the customer journey: Intuitive customer experience on the outside and an effective & efficient operating model on the inside, underpinned by our Digital-First approach with the technologies, processes, and structures that support it.

We are constantly looking at new and innovative approaches to maximize value at every touchpoint / interaction, and as part of our ongoing efforts, we are pleased to announce the launch of Tanfeeth Agile Squads as a new collaborative way to design, develop and deploy innovative solutions to continuously improve Customer Experience and Processing Efficiency.

Starting Feb ’22, we have two dedicated Tanfeeth Squads who will take on an Agile Approach to positively impact Customer Experience and Process Efficiency respectively by identifying, improving and implementing incremental solutions in targeted "sprints".

1. Process Reengineering Squad led by Roshan Sahu

Purpose: Our Process Reengineering Squad is built to positively influence customer experience by improving service journeys across multiple process areas.

How will we achieve this?

  • By forensically analyzing current state of high-impact processes through VSM / Process Walkthrough / FMEA analysis
  • By identifying critical inflection points and improvement opportunities; and designing intuitive future state journeys guided by Digital First approach
  • By developing and deploying PRO-TECH solutions (hybrid of process & technology driven solutions) through an iterative approach

Squad Members:

Squad Member:

  • Squad Lead: Roshan Sahu - Assistant Manager, Transformation and Business Intelligence Insights,
  • Farhan Syed – Assistant Manager/ Lean Leader
  • Maher Al Rashdi - Assistant Manager, Account Maintenance and Projects, Retail Account Services

2. Solution Squad led by Venkateswarlu Tenneti

Purpose: Our Solution Squad’s purpose is to significantly improve key data accessibility & transparency, and accelerate data-driven analysis & decision making, leading to shorter processing times, faster results, and fewer defects.

How will we achieve this?

  • By focusing on targeted data & platform solutions
  • By building robust & scalable data models and dashboards, and
  • By building & deploying new automation tools to eliminate manual processing / review effort and workload

Squad Member:

  • Squad Lead: Venkateswarlu Tenneti – Transformation Manager,
  • Gagan Sawhney - Assistant Manager, Insights, Tanfeeth (Transformation & BI),
  • Praveen Kumar Manchinella, Transformation Manager,
  • Savitha Menon, Manager, Compliance Lean and Operations Support,
  • Roopali Kapoor, Transformation Manager.

Watch this space for updates as our Squads accelerate their journey through the coming weeks & expand to cover new areas. And if you are interested to learn more about our approach or engage with Squad members, please get in touch our Transformation and Business Intelligence teams.

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