Change your supplementary debit card limits

Only primary debit cardholders can change their supplementary debit card limits

Increase or decrease your supplementary debit card limit

If you're sharing supplementary debit cards with your dependents, you can manage the daily cash withdrawal and purchase limits on the cards as well. Only you, as the primary debit card holder, can change the supplementary debit card limits. 

  • Monthly purchases are capped at AED 100,000
  • Monthly cash withdrawal cannot exceed the daily cash withdrawal limit of the same type of primary debit card
  • Daily purchase and cash withdrawal must be for a minimum of AED 100

You can apply for up to 10 supplementary debit cards for family and house help and track the spending on the cards via Online Banking and Mobile Banking and on your monthly statements.

Choose one of the options below to change your supplementary debit card limits:


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If you have reached your maximum daily debit card limit, you will only be able to make another withdrawal or purchase 24 hours from the time of your last withdrawal or purchase.

If you have reached the maximum monthly limit, your monthly purchase and withdrawal limits will be refreshed in the next calendar month.

Yes, you can do this by setting the card’s daily and monthly cash withdrawal limit to below AED100. This is the minimum amount for a cash withdrawal at ATMs in the UAE.