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Does your reward balance seem incorrect?

There may be times when you feel your rewards don't match your spends, or when you don't receive the rewards you were expecting. If you've been in any of these situations below, see if this answers your questions. If not, please get in touch and we'll help you out.  

  • You were expecting a different number of rewards for a particular spend. Purchases qualify for additional or reduced rewards depending on the merchant where the spend was made. This is determined by a code assigned to the merchant.

  • You’ve not received the rewards for a new spend. Rewards for new spends are awarded once the transaction is successfully authorised and processed. There may be a delay in updating your card’s rewards balance. Please check again later.

  • Your rewards balance does not match your membership account rewards.  Since transfer of rewards to partnered membership programmes take place in batches, there may be a difference between your card’s current rewards balance and the balance shown on your membership account.

  • You’ve stopped earning rewards. Depending on the rewards programme, each card is assigned a cap on the number of rewards it can earn during a specific time frame. Once the card reaches this threshold, any spends thereafter in that particular time frame would not qualify for rewards.

  • You’ve lost the rewards you earned. Rewards earned for a particular spend may be forfeited if it’s converted to a 0% installment payment plan or if the purchase itself gets refunded by the merchant.


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No, you won't lose your rewards, they'll just be transferred to your new Emirates NBD card.

No, you'll not earn or lose any reward points when you convert to a Balance Conversion plan.

No, you don’t earn miles or reward points on a Balance Transfer amount.

This is based on your reward programme. Learn more about how to redeem your card rewards here.