Transaction alerts and authorisation codes

Reasons you may stop receiving your transaction alerts or authorisation codes and what to do about it

When do you receive a transaction alert?

Transaction notifications are a great way to keep an eye on your expenditure, charges and transfers. They also help you spot suspicious activity immediately.

We send you transaction alerts when you:

  • make a debit or credit card purchase
  • transfer money, or
  • make a payment

Authorisation codes are used as an added security measure for specific transactions and services. Most commonly you will require an authorisation code when:

  • placing certain phone banking requests such as card activation or PIN resets
  • making an online purchase or payment using your debit or credit card (authorised using Double Secure)
  • placing certain Online and Mobile banking requests such as changing your password or secret question

Transaction alerts and authorisation codes will only be sent to your registered mobile number and email address.

Not receiving alerts or codes?

If you are currently not receiving transaction alerts or authorisation codes, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  • your carrier is restricting Emirates NBD SMS messages (you can send an SMS saying ‘UALL’ to 7726 to remove these restrictions)
  • you are out of the country
  • your mobile number or email address registered with us is incorrect


For further assistance, please call +971 600 54 0000 and when prompted say, ‘transaction message’ or ‘authorisation code’.


  • You can register for Smart Pass to approve Online and Mobile banking transactions and requests using your Emirates NBD mobile app.
  • For phone banking requests and services such as card activation or PIN reset you can call us using your registered mobile number to skip the SMS authorisation code requirement.
  • Online purchases and payments can be approved using the authorisation code sent to your registered email address as well.

Supplementary credit card transaction alerts and authorisation codes will be sent to the supplementary cardholder if their mobile number and email is updated with us. The primary cardholder will receive these alerts too. The supplementary cardholder’s alerts will not contain the remaining balance on the credit card.

Please note, if the supplementary cardholder does not have their details updated with us, the primary cardholder will receive all their alerts as well as authorisation codes.

Supplementary debit card transaction alerts and authorisation codes will always be sent only to the primary cardholder’s registered mobile number and email address.

If this happens, block your card immediately by calling +971 600 54 0000. When prompted on the call, say ‘fraud’.

Sometime merchants or retailers may charge your card a small amount to confirm that it’s active. This charge is usually refunded within a few days. If the charge is not refunded, or if you don’t recognise the merchant, call +971 600 54 0000 immediately and when prompted, say ‘fraud’ or ‘transaction refund’.