DoubleSecure keeps you safe online

All our cards are protected against online fraud so you can shop with peace of mind

You’re DoubleSecure online

The DoubleSecure security feature on all Emirates NBD credit and debit cards protects you from fraud when shopping online at any participating merchant verified by Visa or MasterCard. Always look for the MasterCard ® SecureCode™ and ‘Verified by Visa’ logos when checking out.

Read these terms and conditions to know more about DoubleSecure.

How DoubleSecure is activated

  • After you select the goods or services you want from a Verified by Visa/MasterCard ® SecureCode™ certified online store, go to the payment page and enter your card details
  • When you click on a payment prompt, you’ll see a DoubleSecure pop-up window on your screen
  • Enter your DoubleSecure authentication code which you have received as an SMS/email to your registered mobile number and email address . Make sure that your contact details are updated,
  • Your payment is then authorised, and your order is placed. It's that simple!


Complete security

  • To protect you against fraud, no purchase can be completed without an authentication code sent to your registered mobile number or email address
  • This authentication codes expires within 5 minutes

Simple process

  • You’ll be prompted to enter a one-time authentication code
  • No need to remember a password


DoubleSecure is available on all Emirates NBD debit and credit cards free of cost.


Emirates NBD DoubleSecure works on any computer that's connected to the internet. There is no special software to install, but software that prevents pop-up windows may interfere with your use of DoubleSecure.

When buying from merchants who are not yet participating in Verified by Visa/MasterCard® SecureCode™, you will not be prompted for your Emirates NBD DoubleSecure authentication code. You can continue your purchase, however transacting without the additional security offered by Emirates NBD DoubleSecure is based on your judgment of whether that is a trusted site or not.

Yes, you’ll receive DoubleSecure authentication codes via SMS while you’re abroad, but these will be charged to you. Only local SMSes are free. You will always receive the code on your registered email address for free.

If you don’t receive your DoubleSecure authentication code, you can click on ‘resend authentication code’ on the authentication screen to request for another code. You should receive it immediately on your registered mobile number and/or registered email address. If you don’t, please check that your phone numberand email address with us is up to date.

You don’t need to do anything. This just means that our systems have analyzed all aspects of the transaction and deemed it secure based on many elements including usage pattern, device used and merchant details. You should see this message during this phase of the transaction: ‘You have been successfully authenticated’.

Please contact our 24/7 helpline on +971 600 54 0000 immediately to report this transaction and block your card.

The DoubleSecure authentication code will only be sent to the mobile number and/or email address you have registered with us. You should have access to this mobile number and email when you make an online purchase. You can change your registered phone number to the temporary one if you like and then change it back later.

Yes, your supplementary cardholder will receive their own DoubleSecure authentication codes on their registered mobile number and email address. If their contact details are not registered with us and only yours are, then you will receive the authentication code when they do a transaction.