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People with disabilities and their inclusion in the workplace are no longer absent from the business agenda. Disability inclusion now features in many policies and is fast gaining momentum in business strategies. Including people with disabilities and accommodating their disability-related needs are important moves for companies in terms of talent resourcing and social responsibility as well as compliance with national legislation. Managers are well aware of the importance of disability inclusion for their business' success, but might still have questions on how initiatives can be implemented successfully. How do they get started effectively? How can initiatives be improved?

In partnership with the Community Development Authority, Manzil and Sustainable Square, Emirates NBD launched the #TogetherLimitless Careers Network to help hire and onboard employees with disabilities free of cost. If your company is interested in diversifying its workforce, working towards inclusion and hiring a person with a disability, contact our team today!


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with disabilities


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with disabilities

Why employ people with disabilities?

  • People with disabilities represent a talented, untapped labour market
  • Improves corporate culture
  • Benefits the bottom line
  • Is responsive to government guidelines and broader employment trends toward a more inclusive workplace
  • Finding talented people with disabilities is getting easier
  • Lower attrition rates among people with disabilities
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Employer's Careers Network journey

1  Meet

1 - Meet*

Meet with us to learn about the programme in detail

2  Workplace inclusion workshop

2 - Workplace inclusion workshop*

Schedule a 90 minute Basic Workplace Inclusion Workshop for your senior leadership and HR professionals (free of cost)

3  Job Description

3 - Job Description*

Provide job description(s) of your required needs for job carving and review

4  Interview

4 - Interview*

Interview 3-5 candidates from the Careers Network database

5  Candidate induction workshop

5 - Candidate induction workshop*

Schedule a 60 minutes induction workshop for your team to learn more about the candidate soon to be onboarded

6  Job coaching

6 - Job coaching*

The Careers Network will provide a job coach up to 3 months (free of cost)

7  Services

7 - Services

Optional additional services

*Funded and facilitated by Emirates NBD

Additional Support and Services

Expanded on the job support for staff with disabilities

  • Extra job coaching
  • Additional assistive placement support
  • Additional Training for the employer

Extended inclusion programme for all employees

  • Embedding into CSR and Corporate cultures
  • Workshops on inclusion in the workplace
  • Advisory services
  • Accessibility Audit for Cognitive Disabilities

Additional long-term strategic initiatives

  • SROI/Social Impact Measurement
  • Integrating results into GRI, Sustainability and Inclusion reports
  • Expanding your inclusion programme

We can create a customised approach to further empower your corporate inclusion programme and lead the front toward making the UAE one of the most inclusive countries in the world by 2021.

*Additional costs charged from company directly to Manzil and/or Sustainable Square depending on support services required.

*Up to 3 months depending on the individuals's assessment

TogetherLimitless Careers Network: Nilofar's Story

We are surrounded by incredible people. People of all ethnicities and ages, diverse as the world itself. At some point in time, we might have said that some of these people have a disability. Together, Emirates NBD is working with experts and stakeholders to help our community dissolve obstacles that people with disabilities face. So that tomorrow, "people with disabilities" can simply be "people".

How to prep when hiring people with disabilities

How to prep when hiring people with disabilities

People with disabilities represent a talented, untapped labour force, and hiring them has been shown to improve workplace culture, reduce workforce attrition, and increase a company's bottom line. It also aligns with the UAE vision to create a fully inclusive society for 'people with determination', and turn the Emirates into one of the most disabled-friendly regions in the world. So, once you've decided to hire more people with disabilities, how should you prepare and adapt your work environment?

The benefits of workplace

The benefits of workplace inclusion for People of Determination in the UAE

The UAE has a reputation for constructing the tallest buildings and most spectacular man-made islands, but its national strategy to empower people with disabilities, now known as people of determination (PoD), is just as grand.

How the UAE is Transforming

How the UAE is Transforming the Lives of People of Determination

Nearly all of the records set in the UAE relate to the biggest, tallest or most expensive. But thanks to the insight of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the latest world-first has a very different set of parameters.With around 50 million people of determination in the Middle East, Dubai is leading the way in its mission to become a disabled-friendly city by 2020, when the World Expo will put Dubai center stage.

Debunking Myths on Hiring People with Disabilities

Debunking Myths on Hiring People with Disabilities

As part of Emirates NBD's commitment to workplace inclusion, this whitepaper aims to present - and dispel - myths among UAE employers on hiring people with determination, based on research conducted by Ipsos.

Careers Network 2018 overview

Careers Network 2018 overview

The #TogetherLimitless Careers Network team is pleased to share with you the accomplishments of its inclusive employment program for the year of 2018.

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