Why go contactless?



Works twice as fast as normal cards within 15 seconds


Just unlock your phone or use your contactless credit or debit card and tap seamlessly


Emirates NBD ensures high level of security for your transactions as we did for years

Contactless Ways

There are many ways to do your contactless payment


Apple Pay is a simple and secure way to pay in store and in apps with your compatible iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple Pay

Now, there is an easy, fast and secure way to pay for Samsung phone and Samsung Gear users. Tap your phone to make your shopping more convenient and secure.

Samsung Wallet

Add your Emirates NBD Cards to Google Pay for fast and easy transaction. Google Pay works everywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Google Pay

It's a simple and secure way to pay, that keeps you moving. Now, you can be out for a run and pay for your favorite sports drink with your Fitbit device.

Fitbit Pay

With the flick of your wrist, Garmin Pay lets you make a quick contactless payment at your favorite stores.

Garmin Pay
Contactless Card

Our cards come with the contactless technology. You can use it wherever you see the contactless symbol!

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0-60 in 2 seconds

Less processing and handling of cash occurring, transactions are completed at a faster rate, turnover is likely to improve and queues are less likely to build up. As pin numbers are no longer needed and the transaction only needs a tap on a reader

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Effortless, touch-free


Contactless payments aren't restricted to just cards. The NFC technology within contactless readers can interact with phones and connected accessories such as watches or rings. Apple Pay's launch in 2014 allowed users to pay if they had forgotten their card or if it was out of reach, by using their phone to carry out the transaction.

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Emirates NBD ensures your security first


Built-in protection ensures that the same transaction doesn't occur twice by accident and that if intercepted, the details and numbers linked to the card cannot be decrypted as unique numbers are used for transactions that don't correlate to card numbers.

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Promo  For Express online payment

For express online payments

Shop online faster without the hassle of adding your personal details every single time.

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