Release a hold on your funds

Learn how to release a hold on funds due to credit card or loan payments that are overdue

We may hold some or all of your deposits

A hold is a short-term delay or limitation to access the funds available in your account. In short, a hold means you can't access some or all of the money in your account yet.

We might place a hold on your money for a number of reasons including liabilities such as overdue Emirates NBD credit card bills or loan payments, or to ensure a cheque you have issued is cleared.

What you can do

Here’s what you need to know to release a hold on funds in your account due to credit card or loan payments that are overdue:

  • Credit card payments: An amount can be put on hold by the bank only if you have auto debit enabled and you don’t have enough money in your account to clear the amount due. To clear this hold, all you need to do is fund the account to trigger the auto debit and the hold amount will be released within 1 working day.
  • Loan payments: If you default on a loan payment, the due amount will be put on hold in your account. You can release the hold instantly by making a payment directly to the loan account.
  • End of Service Benefits: Your End of Service benefits can be put on hold in case you have any pending liabilities with the bank.


If you’ve paid and the hold is not released

If you’ve made a payment directly to your credit card or your loan account and the amount hasn’t been released, follow the steps below:



Get help!

If you are finding it difficult to pay your bills and dues, let us help. Learn more about our Debt Assist programme here.