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Settle in full or in part

Early loan settlement is an option for you to close or settle your existing loan with your own cash or through another bank, prior to completing the tenure you had originally planned with Emirates NBD. 

While the advantages of settling your personal, home or auto or loan early include less interest which translates to more money saved, an improved credit score when you’re free of debt, free cash to reinvest or use for however you please, there's a downside in the early settlement charges. Speak to our loan experts for advice before you decide to close your loan early. 

You can also clear just part of your loan to reduce the installment amounts or loan tenure. Click here to know more.

Settle your personal or auto loan

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Settle your home loan

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Fees and charges

Personal loan early settlement charges: 1.05% of the principal outstanding amount (up to a maximum AED 10,500).

Auto loan early settlement charges: 1.05% of the principal outstanding amount.

Home loan early settlement charges: 1.05% of the loan outstanding or AED 10,500 (whichever is lower).

These charges include VAT.



The requirements are different from case to case please visit your nearest Emirates NBD branch before 2 PM along with your Emirates ID or passport for identification to know all the requirements.

A post-dated cheque is a cheque with a future date that can be used to collect a payment you owe after the date mentioned. This can be issued to a bank, business or person (known as the payee). You can use post-dated cheques when you don't want the payee to collect payment before a particular date.   

Your next installment might get debited before the request is processed leading to additional costs for you.

If your account is not sufficiently funded before you apply for early loan settlement, your request will be declined.