Consolidate all your debt into one single monthly payment

Pay back all your loans in single, convenient monthly payments with One Pay

One monthly payment, better interest rates

If you’re struggling with multiple monthly loan payments at other banks, One Pay can make your life a lot easier. Transfer all your loans and credit card payments to us and pay back through one simple, yet effective solution and benefit from preferential interest rates.

One Pay gives you:

  • One payment plan for all your existing debts
  • One monthly payment that is convenient for you


Here’s an example of how One Pay can reduce your monthly payments:

In this example, the new monthly payments (or EMIs) are calculated based on a new, extended tenure. This makes the payments more manageable and will reduce monthly payments  by AED 7,051. You don’t have to extend the tenure if you don’t want to. Here's an example 


Existing monthly payments (AED)

Credit card 1

Credit card 2

Personal loan

Car loan


One Pay

Existing balance / limit







Monthly payment / EMI









  • Free premium credit card for the first year
  • Zero-balance bank account and debit card
  • Increased loan eligibility with a co-applicant option

*Applicable on loan amounts of AED 150,000 and above


  • For salaried individuals only. No salary transfer needed.
  • Minimum salary: AED 10,000
  • Maximum finance amount: AED 1,000,000
  • Maximum term: 48 months

Interest rates

  • Reducing rate: Starting from 5.24% p.a.
  • Flat rate: 88% p.a.

*These rates are subject to change at any time.

Fees and insurance

  • Processing fees: 1% of the finance amount (minimum: AED 500; maximum: AED 2,500)
  • Early settlement fees: 1% of the outstanding amount
  • Insurance: 24% (It comes with double credit life coverage)

*These rates are subject to change at any time.

Other conditions

  • No Islamic finance
  • Holiday period: deferment option for two non-consecutive installments per year

Documents required

  • Passport copy with resident visa page
  • Emirates ID and copy
  • Proof of residency or utility bill
  • Security cheque
  • Credit card statements (where applicable)
  • Last 3-month bank statement
  • Latest salary certificate or salary transfer letter