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Payment due date, billing cycle and statement date

Payment due date: The date by which you must pay your credit card outstanding amount either in part or in full. You must pay at least the minimum amount to avoid paying a late payment fee or the entire outstanding amount to avoid interest charges. Your payment due date will always be 25 days after your statement date.

Billing cycle: Your card’s billing cycle is the period between each credit card statement. You can change your billing cycle if you need to.

Statement date: This will be a particular date in the calendar month based on your card type.

Let’s say your statement date is the 2nd of the month - your billing cycle will be between the 3rd of the previous month and the 2nd of the current month. All your transactions during this billing cycle will be in your statement.

Find out your outstanding, minimum due and due date

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Failure to make at least the minimum monthly payment on or before your due date will result in a late payment fee and finance charges.
You’ll find your total payment due on your credit card statement or through your Online and Mobile Banking app. You can choose to pay the minimum due amount, a part of your outstanding or your total amount due. Please be aware that if you don't clear your total amount due, interest will apply on the total amount even if you clear it in part. To know more about our fees and charges click here.

Minimum payment due means the amount you need to pay on or before the due date to avoid late payment fees.

The minimum amount to be paid every month will be 5% of your card outstanding (which is calculated by adding 5% of your retail card outstanding, your installments and any bank fees you have accrued), or AED 100, whichever is higher.

If you only pay the Minimum Amount Due, the remaining balance will be carried over to the next statement with the applicable finance charges. To know more about credit card fees and charges click here.

Your minimum payment due will be mentioned in your monthly credit card statement. You can also view your minimum payment due through Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Instructions on how to do this are in this article
You can change the date your credit card payment is due by changing your credit card’s statement date. 
Finance charges are the charges billed to the card account if the total amount due for the previous month is not paid in full by the due date or if the credit card has been used to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Finance charges are calculated on an average daily balance basis for your retail purchases and cash advance transactions from the transaction date to the repayment date.

The bank can increase the finance charges if the cardholder is two or more payments overdue.