Change or upgrade your credit card

Try a different card, or get an upgrade to experience new benefits - just apply on digital banking

With our vast array of credit cards, you may be interested in experiencing the benefits of a different card.

It’s easy to change your credit card if you meet the minimum income requirements of the card you’re interested. Also, the credit or spending limit on your current must meet the minimum credit limit of the new card. The minimum credit limit is the minimum amount you can spend on the card and it varies with every card type.

Before you upgrade

  • If you’re switching to a card with a different reward programme, you should redeem all your reward points to avoid losing them.
  • If you’re switching to a card on the same reward programme, your points will be automatically transferred to your new credit card within a day or two of activating it.

Learn all about about our reward programmes before you choose your new card.



  • U By Emaar Cards: you can’t convert from or to a U By Emaar Credit Card. However, you can move between tiers. See steps below on how to apply for a change.
  • Mastercard Platinum and Diners Card: a standalone Mastercard Platinum and Diners Card can’t be upgraded to a Duo Card. You’ll need to put in a new credit card application for this.

How to apply for a credit card change


Once you activate your new Emirates NBD credit card, your existing credit card will automatically be blocked. Please note, if you don't activate your new card within 60 days of receiving it, your existing credit card will be blocked. It's best that you activated your new card as soon as you receive it.
Any outstanding balance on your existing card, including linked supplementary cards, will be transferred to the upgraded credit card including charges not yet billed. Installment plans, if any, will be transferred to your upgraded credit card.
Yes, your points are automatically transferred within a day or two after activating your converted or upgraded credit card.

This can happen at cash deposit machines and ATMs, or if you still have your old card is saved as a payment beneficiary. Don't worry we'll transfer the payment to the new card within 2 working days. There's nothing further you need to do.

All supplementary cards are upgraded along with their primary cards.
All our credit cards have different billing or statement dates. Your date will remain the same if it’s available for your new card, otherwise it’ll be changed. You can always change your billing date to any other date that’s available for your card.