Credit Shield Pro cover for your credit card

Benefit from additional cover against job loss, hospitalization, death and disability

What is Credit Shield Pro?

Credit Shield Pro is an enhanced insurance benefit available on all Emirates NBD credit cards. It provides you and your family protection from liabilities on your credit card in case of job loss, accidental death or disability.

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Canceling your insurance

You can cancel your credit card insurance free of charge at any time. Call us on +971 600 54 0000 and when prompted, say ‘cancel insurance’.

Your request will be processed within 3 working days.

Credit Shield Pro coverage

Credit Shield Pro covers the following eventualities:

  • Death due to accident
  • Permanent total disability due to accident
  • Job loss (involuntary loss of employment)
  • Critical illness
  • Hospitalisation due to accident
  • Natural death

To know more about the Credit Shield Pro scope of cover click here.

Fees and charges

A monthly fee of 1.04% of the credit card outstanding (inclusive of VAT) applies.


Your immediate family members including spouse, children, parents and siblings can be nominated as beneficiaries.

No, only primary card holders are eligible for this insurance.

The maximum coverage age is 70 for death due to accident, permanent total disability due to accident and complimentary natural death cover, and 60 for critical illness cover and involuntary loss of employment or hospital cash benefit.

You can have only one insurance on a single card. 

Yes, the coverage is valid worldwide except in case of involuntary job loss and hospital cash benefits which are limited to the UAE.

The Credit Shield Pro policy is valid for UAE Nationals and expatriates, but the involuntary loss of employment cover is for expatriates only.

Other than the involuntary job loss (ILOE) cover and critical Illness benefits, you can claim all other benefits immediately upon enrolling into the policy. Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Please note that only one payment will be made. For example, if the disability benefit is paid, ILOE or accidental death will not be paid.

Yes, Emirates NBD will automatically terminate an active Credit Shield Pro plan in any of the following situations::

  • The premium is not paid on time
  • The insured cardholder reaches the max age limit specified in the policy
  • Termination of the credit card facility
  • Payment of death or critical illness amounts
  • Cancellation of the benefits under this policy by the policyholder or the insured cardholder at any time in accordance with the policy terms and conditions
  • Cancellation of the insured cardholder's credit card facility
  • The insured cardholder becomes a defaulted cardholder
  • The policy is expired
  • The policy is not renewed with the company
  • The insured cardholder is no longer able to satisfy the eligibility conditions set out by the policy

You are only enrolled for the Credit Shield Pro insurance if you have opted for it. To submit a request for charge reversal, call us on +971 600 54 0000 and when prompted, say ‘insurance reversal’. Please note, the reversal of the charges will be limited to your last month’s premium or a maximum of AED 250.