Making a claim with Credit Shield Pro

All our credit cards, except the corporate cards, come with insurance – here’s how to make a claim or cancel the cover

Rest assured with additional cover, or cancel your plan

Our credit cards come with Credit Shield Pro insurance cover against death, disability and job loss. This is underwritten by the Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), a leading multi-line regional insurance provider.

You can opt in or out of Credit Shield Pro at any time by calling +971 600 54 0000.

If you cancelled your cover and would like to apply for it again, click here

Notice period to raise a claim

The notice and waiting period will depend on the claim type:

  • Death due to accident: Within 365 days, no waiting period
  • Permanent total disability due to accident: Within 365 days, no Waiting period
  • Job loss cover (involuntary loss of employment): Within 30 days of the event, where date of event for ILOE claim is the date of notification of termination in writing, 180 days from the commencement of the policy
  • Critical Illness: Within 30 days, 90 days from the commencement of the policy
  • Hospitalisation due to accident: Within 30 days, no waiting period
  • Natural death cover: Within 365 days, no waiting period

Things to note:

  • The documents you’ll need to submit will depend on the type of claim. To learn more please refer to Section 7.3 in the Credit Shield Pro terms and conditions.
  • The maximum coverage age is 70 for death due to accident, permanent total disability due to accident and natural death cover, and 60 for critical illness cover and involuntary loss of employment/hospital cash benefit.

Submitting a claim

For assistance with submitting a claim, please contact ADNIC.

ADNIC Contact Centre:

800 8040 (toll free)

+971 02 4080644



Once you provide the supporting documents and the claim is approved by ADNIC, a discharge receipt will be issued within 14 working days and the claim settlement will be released within 21 working days after this.

The hospital cash benefit is payable directly to you. You can claim your medical insurance as well.

You need to visit ADNIC before leaving the country to verify the original documentation in person only then can your claim be processed. If you’re not residing any more in UAE and continue to remain unemployed after initial payout of 6 months, an additional lump sum benefit of remaining 10% of outstanding balance after the first payout will be paid to you from 7th month onwards for the remaining period.

You’ll be required to submit evidence of continued unemployment including but not limited to an Income Tax report or Social Security register report from your country of residence (attested and authenticated at the UAE consulate in that country) along with all other claims document as listed in section 7.3(D) under the Credit Shield Pro Terms and Conditions document on the seventh month of your unemployment.

Once your claim is approved for settlement outside the UAE, you need to submit your bank details form. The respective bank transfer charges will be borne by you.

Please refer to Section 5 under the Credit Shield Pro - Terms & Conditions document

No, pre-existing conditions are not covered in this policy. For details of eligibility and exclusions, please refer to section 4 and 5 of the Credit Shield Pro Terms and Conditions document.