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Once your request is accepted, you’ll receive your cheque book in 3 to 5 working days 

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Cheque books can be issued for AED, USD, GBP and EUR currencies, depending on the type of account you hold.

Your cheque book will have 10 leaves. You can apply for and hold an unlimited number of Emirates NBD cheque books.

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What’s next

Once you place your request, your cheque book will be delivered to you by courier within 3 to 5 working days.

Fees and charges

The charges for a cheque book are determined by your Emirates NBD Banking Package. You can learn more about your package’s fees and charges on these links:


All Emirates NBD cheques have a QR code and an MICR code-line to prevent checks from being reproduced by fraudsters. If you don’t specify a recipient on the cheque, or if you write a cheque to ‘cash or bearer’, there’s always the risk of anyone getting a hold of it and cashing it.

No, all our cheque books have only 10 leaves.

We only issue cheque books in AED. To issue a cheque in a different currency you can apply for a demand draft.

The processing and clearing time for cheques depends on the type of cheque and the channel used. To know more click here

If you suspect a cheque has been lost or stolen, you first need to submit a police report for the lost or stolen cheque and then visit one of our branches with the police report to place a stop payment on a cheque which has not been presented yet. Additional documents may be required at the bank's discretion.

The following are the services available through all our Cheque Deposit Machines:

  • Cheque deposit to Emirates NBD or Emirates Islamic accounts and credit cards
  • Payment towards DEWA and Wasel, DREC (Dubai Real Estate Co) and DP World