Accelerating Sustainable Banking

As we engage in climate action, Emirates NBD looks to expert global Sustaintechs for innovative green solutions. Our Sustaintech Accelerator Program is supported by Microsoft, as we work towards a brighter future.


Risk Management Campaign

Help us provide solutions across risk management to offer banking customers greater peace of mind, faster and fairer lending decisions, while shaping a banking industry that is more accountable and transparent.

Business and Priority Banking Innovation

In collaboration with Plug and Play Abu Dhabi, Emirates Islamic has launched a global campaign seeking applications from leading Fintechs and start-ups offering unique Shariah-compliant solutions, to improve products and services, and the overall customer experience.


DIFC FinTech Hive

In partnership with DIFC FinTech Hive, Emirates NBD launched a global campaign which called for applications from leading FinTechs, digital experience startups and emerging technology players operating across the metaverse landscape for an opportunity to co-create engaging experiences for our customers in the new reality.

Retail Banking and Wealth Management Campaign

Together with Plug and Play, Emirates NBD launched a global campaign that called for applications from leading FinTechs or start-ups with unique propositions to serve the needs of our customer personas.


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