All about your Visa credit and debit card benefits

Your Emirates NBD Visa card comes with a host of benefits and features, learn how to use them

How to use your Visa card benefits

From premium airport lounge access to medical and travel benefits, car rentals and great shopping offers – learn all about what your Visa credit or debit card entitles you to and how to access the benefits.



Agoda provides access to 985,000+ hotels and vacation rentals globally. Visit the agoda website and pay with an eligible Visa card to receive a discount which will be applied at the point of payment. 

For more information, visit

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Platinum, Signature and Infinite debit and credit cards.


Airport dining discounts

Visa has partnered with DragonPass to offer you exclusive airport dining discounts for MENA cardholders and at 200+ restaurants globally.

To access these offers:

  • Download the DragonPass Dine & Travel mobile app and register
  • View restaurants in airports you are travelling through
  • Visit the restaurant of your choice at airport and advise the restaurant staff that you’re using the DragonPass Dine & Fly discount.
  • Alternatively, you may choose the restaurant within the app and select 'redeem', then present your phone with barcode screen to the restaurant staff.

Eligible cards: All Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature, Platinum Credit cards and Visa Signature debit cards.


Airport lounge access

Enjoy easy access to more than 1,000 airport lounges across the world on your travels. Simply register on and click on APP SIGN-UP.  Learn more here.

Applicable for all Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature, Visa Flexi Credit Cards and Visa Signature Debit Card.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature, Visa Flexi Credit Cards and Visa Signature Debit Card.


Avis car rental

Visa Infinite cardholders can get up to 35% discount on Avis car rental standard rates. And up to 30% off of international leisure rates.

Visit the Avis World website for more information and to avail the discount.

Eligible cards: All Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Platinum, Signature, and Go4it Gold card, and Visa Signature and Platinum Debit cards.


Bicester Village shopping

The Bicester Village Shopping Collection is a collection of luxury brand outlet villages offering the previous seasons' collections of the world’s leading designer fashion and lifestyle brands with up to 60% off the recommended retail price.

  • Receive a VIP voucher for an additional 10% savings on purchases at any of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection locations in Europe
  • Enjoy 15% off the ticket price for the Shopping Express® luxury coach service, Shopping Packages and Chauffeur drive service

The VIP voucher can be downloaded here.

For more information about this offer, visit the Visa Merchant Offer Resource Center.

Eligible cards: All Emirates NBD Elevate, Inspire, Infinite, Signature and Platinum Credit cards.


Digital concierge services

Book your flights, car rental or even have a meal with you loved ones while on the go. The Concierge Digital Service platform allows you to discover Visa’s premium world. 

Visit the Visa concierge website to access the online platform and discover more.

Eligible cards: All Emirates NBD Visa Infinite and Signature credit cards.


Emergency cash and card replacement

In case of an emergencies like a lost or stolen card while travelling, you can get an emergency cash advance up to USD 5,000 or a replacement card anywhere in the world.  Simply call the Visa 24-hour Alarm Centre on 8000 121, wait for the prompt, and then enter 866 654 0112 (in the UAE) or +1 303 967 1096 (internationally).

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Signature Visa Debit Cards, Ladies Banking Debit Card, Visa Signature Business Debit Card and Visa Platinum Business Debit Card.


Emergency medical and legal referral service

  • 24-hour enquiry services or travel information
  • Emergency medical and legal assistance
  • Other services, from interpreters to technicians

To avail these benefits, pay for your travel using your Emirates NBD card.

For medical or legal referral services, call the Visa 24-hour Alarm Centre on +44 (0) 20 8762 8373.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Platinum and Signature debit cards.


Extended Warranty

Enjoy additional retailer’s warranty on your household appliances for a maximum period of 24 months, and a maximum of USD 5,000 in any one year when you use you Emirates NBD credit card to pay for a purchase. Learn more here.


Fraudulent Card Misuse Protection

The Visa Fraudulent Card Misuse Protection feature keeps you protected against unauthorized transactions or fraudulent use of your card. This includes unauthorized charges as a result of loss or theft, use in-store, over the phone, ATM withdrawals and online purchases.

You must report unauthorized charges, loss or theft immediately and provide written notice of your claim within 30 days. Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature and Platinum Credit cards.


Global Concierge Service

Visa help you meet your personal and business life needs like travel, entertainment, retail and personal services 24/7. 
Learn more here.

Eligible cards: All Emirates NBD Visa Signature and Infinite Debit cards.


Global customer assistance

Global customer assistance supports you when you need it most while travelling. The service includes:

  • Lost or stolen card reporting
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash up to USD 5,000
  • Emergency payment authorization

For more information, call +971 4 3611234.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature, Platinum and Go4it Gold Credit cards.


International medical and travel assistance

This benefit allows you and your immediate family travelling with you outside your principal country up to 90 days to avail:

  • Medical telephonic advice
  • Connecting you with local medical service provider
  • Someone to monitor your medical condition till you are well.

Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD U By Emaar Family Credit Card and Signature cards.


Multi-trip Travel Insurance

Enjoy your travel experience with Multi-trip Travel Insurance. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses up to USD 1,000,000
  • Hospital Daily Cash $100 per day up to USD 3,000
  • Trip Cancellation/Curtailment up to USD 7,500
  • Delayed departure up to USD 1,000
  • Baggage delays up to USD 500
  • Loss of personal belongings up to USD 2,500

Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Infinite, Signature, Go4it Platinum Credit Card and Signature Debit cards.


Purchase Protection

Enjoy Purchase Protection with Visa Infinite Card with peace of mind against theft or accidental damage of purchased items.  Learn more here.


The Entertainer

Enjoy complimentary 2-for-1 deals on food, entertainment and shopping plus more than 500 travel discounts with The Entertainer. Simply download The Visa Offers MENA mobile app from your app store and register with your Emirates NBD Visa Card to explore the offers.

Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Infinite, Signature, Platinum, Visa Flexi, Go4it Gold Credit card and, Visa Signature and Manchester United Signature Debit cards.


Travel Insurance

When you buy your travel plans using your Ladies Banking Debit Card and Manchester United Platinum Debit Card, your card takes care of your insurance needs.  Learn more here.


Visa Luxury Hotel Collection

Enjoy your stay in over 900 of the world’s most intriguing and prestigious properties or boutique gems.

Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Signature, Platinum and Infinite Debit cards.


Visa MENA offers

Download the Visa MENA mobile app, register with your Emirates NBD card and get exclusive 2-for-1 deals on food, entertainment and shopping.

Learn more here.

Eligible cards: Emirates NBD Visa Platinum and Infinite Debit cards.


VOX Cinemas

Visa Platinum cardholders in the UAE and KSA receive 1 free ticket for every ticket purchased online with VOX Cinemas for Sunday show times.

Terms and conditions:

  • Cardholders must purchase tickets and choose the offer online here.
  • The offer applies for Sunday show times only
  • You get 2 free tickets of equal value per transaction and 5 free tickets in a month
  • The discount is available on standard and kids tickets only
  • The offer excludes, among others, IMAX, Gold, Rhodes, and Balcony ticket types

For more information, visit the Vox Cinema website.

More rewards and benefits

We’ve made your life even easier and more enjoyable by adding exclusive benefits to your card ranging from auto Salik top-up to special discounts on holiday packages so you can take a break with family and friends and pay less. Learn more here.

Learn more about the Emirates NBD deals on your card at here.

Manage your Emirates NBD rewards and benefits effectively with the information in this this article.