Salik Auto Top Up

Never worry about recharging your Salik account again

The Salik Auto Top Up feature on your credit card automatically recharges your Salik account when the balance falls below AED 30. Activate the feature and choose to top up with AED 50, 100, 200 or 500.


Activate your Salik Auto Top Up plan

Choose one of the options below:


Amend or cancel Salik Auto Top Up plan

You need to have an existing Salik auto top up service to use this feature.

Choose one of the options below:



Yes, a supplementary credit card can be used to activate a Salik auto top up plan. Auto top up requests on supplementary credit cards are executed using the credit limit assigned to the supplementary card.

The Salik Auto Top Up facility is initiated and completed even if a credit card’s available credit limit is insufficient. This will result in the credit card going over its assigned limit and incurring over limit charges.

You will need your Salik account number and PIN to set up the plan.