Eligibility and documents for supplementary credit cards

You can apply for up to five supplementary cards for your dependents and friends


Get up to five supplementary credit cards for your family and dependents, including children above 12 and below 18.

You can also get supplementary credit cards for your friends. 

The supplementary credit card applicant can be a UAE resident or non-resident.

Documents needed

  • The primary cardholder’s Emirates ID or passport copies and originals
  • The primary cardholder’s original credit card
  • If the supplementary applicant is a UAE resident, a copy of their passport and Emirates ID
  • If the supplementary applicant is not a UAE resident, a copy of their passport
  • The supplementary applicant’s mother’s maiden name, mobile number and email address

Fees and charges

There are no fees or charges for Emirates NBD Supplementary Credit Cards.


Our credit cards give you back a percentage of what you spend as cashback. Your cashback can be used as credit towards your current statement or to shop online. Learn more about our cashback programme and other rewards here.

You can avoid credit card late payment fees by paying your bills on time. A good way to avoid late payments is by setting up automated direct debits.

You should be aware that late payments can negatively impact your credit score. Also be aware that terms and conditions for credit cards that have no annual fees can change at any time, so always stay informed by reading communications the bank sends you.