Eligibility and documents for supplementary debit cards

Get up to 10 supplementary cards for your dependents and house help

Share your card with dependents

If you have an active account and debit card, you can apply for up to 10 supplementary debit cards for family members including minors (children below 18) and house help.

The supplementary debit card will be linked to your primary debit card account and you can assign purchase and withdrawal limits on each card separately.

Supplementary debit card eligibility

Get a maximum of 10 supplementary debit cards for:

  • UAE resident and non-resident family members including spouse, parents, siblings and children without any age restrictions
  • UAE resident house help

The type of debit cards you can apply for are based on your banking package as outlined below:

Classic Package: Visa Classic

Plus and Beyond packages: Visa Platinum, Manchester United Platinum, Ladies Banking Platinum, Go4it, *Emirati Signature

Youth Package: Go4it, Manchester United Platinum, Ladies Banking Platinum

Priority Banking Package: Visa Signature, Manchester United Signature, Ladies Banking Platinum, Go4it, *Emirati Signature, **Skywards Infinite

Private Banking Package: Visa Infinite, Manchester United Signature, **Skywards Infinite, Ladies Banking Platinum, Go4it

* Applicable only for UAE Nationals under the UAE National Personal Banking or Priority Banking Package.

** To be eligible for a Skywards Infinite Supplementary Debit Card, you must have an active Skywards Infinite Debit Card.

Documents needed

  • The primary cardholder’s Emirates ID or passport
  • If the supplementary applicant is a UAE resident, a copy of their Emirates ID
  • If the supplementary applicant is not a UAE resident, a copy of their passport


There is no charge for a new primary or supplementary debit card. For replacement, a nominal fee may apply based on your banking package. Click on the links to learn more: