Earning dnata Points

Turn your purchases into more with dnata Points

Spend and earn dnata Points

You earn dnata Points every time you make a retail purchase using your Emirates NBD dnata Mastercard World or dnata Mastercard Platinum credit cards.

The dnata Points Programme earns you instant dnata Points you can redeem for travel, holidays, meals or even a cup of coffee.

Picture this: you purchase your travel tickets at dnata for AED 10,000 on your dnata World Credit Card, for which you would earn 1,500 dnata Points and then walk straight into Costa and pay for your coffee with your dnata Points. Earning and using dnata Points is that simple.

Here’s how your points add up:

Spend type

Points earned




Domestic or international retail spends



*Spends at dnata



**Spends at Costa, City Sightseeing and Emirates Leisure Retail



**Spends at MMI, Al Hamra Cellar, Arabian Adventures and Le Clos



*Duty Free spends




Domestic and international spends made under the categories below earn points at a different rate:

  • Insurance, car dealerships, grocery, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants earn points at 25% of the domestic or international earning rate
  • Spends originating in European Union (EU) countries earn points at 25% of the domestic or international earning rate
  • Petroleum, transit, government services, utility payments, real estate, education and telecommunication payments earn points at 10% of the domestic or international earning rate

*For all purchases made at dnata outlets (within the UAE only) and dnatatravel.com.

**Applicable to both domestic and international spends.

Click here for the list of participating partners.

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The points you earn are capped based on the type of credit card and spend.

Spend type

dnata Platinum

dnata World

Domestic / international


per statement


per statement

dnata and Participating Stores


per calendar year


per calendar year

Duty Free


per statement


per statement

dnata Points are transferred to your credit card instantly and never expire.


Only retail spends on these dnata credit cards earn dnata Points. Transactions such as loans on card, cash advances, bank fees and charges, balance transfers and 0% installment plans (except for 0% installment plans on dnata spends) don’t earn you points. Have a look at all eligible transactions.

Rewards earned for transactions on your supplementary credit cards are transferred to your primary credit card.

No, you won't lose your rewards, they'll just be transferred to your new Emirates NBD card.