Change your digital banking secret questions

Use Online Banking to change your secret questions instantly

When you should change your secret questions

If you need to change your secret questions for security reasons, you can do this instantly via Online Banking.

You need to remember the answers to be able to change your secret questions. If you don't remember the answers, you can reset your secret questions instead.

Haven't yet set up your Online Banking profile? You can do that now in just a few minutes by following these steps

Steps to change your secret questions

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Click on Settings > Security Settings
  • Scroll to Password and secret questions and click Edit on Secret Question
  • Answer your existing secret questions
  • Set up your new secret questions and Save


No, but you can log into Online Banking through a browser on your mobile device to update your secret questions instantly.

Don’t worry, you can easily reset your password or secret questions. Just follow the instructions in these articles: