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Manage your company’s working capital more effectively

Emirates NBD's smartBUSINESS Connect service offers advanced internet-based connectivity for secured and automated exchanges of files between your ERP system and the bank.

  • Single, secure, flexible and fully automated channel.
  • Automated corporate payment system for managing transactions and status reporting between corporates and the bank.
  • Allows you to stay up to date with your cash flow and status of all transactions near real-time.

Features of smartBUSINESS Connect


Automates payables and receivables services for straight-through, end-to-end processing


Facilitates the automation of treasury cycles and reconciliation processes through scheduled transmissions


Uses secure communication protocols to ensure integrity of files

Services offered by smartBUSINESS Connect

Salary and Wage Protection System (WPS)

Local and international remittances in industry formats

Utility payments

Payment status reports

Trade Finance transactions

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