All about your authenticated account statement

Get an authenticated statement

Request for an authenticated statement

Authenticated statements are stamped statements issued on the bank’s letterhead, for official business or government purposes.

You can now effortlessly and instantly request for authenticated statements at no cost through the new Mobile Application, Online Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Website or through our Contact Center.

To request for an authenticated statement, choose one of the options below:


Fees and charges

The statement is free of charge through the new Mobile and Online Banking application.

For other channels, charges for authenticated statements will vary depending on your banking package.


If you have received the invitation to upgrade to the ENBD X mobile application, then you should upgrade to request and instantly get authenticated statements at no cost.

Yes, you can visit your nearest Emirates NBD branch before 2 pm with your Emirates ID or passport for identification.

Your statement will be issued within 20 minutes. This may take longer depending on your banking relationship with us.

You can avoid wait time and cost by simply using the new mobile application to instantly get your authenticated statement at no cost.