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Hey Future Me

All children think about their future. To know what it is that they think about, Emirates NBD conducted a social experiment asking children to send a message to their future selves. And while they spoke to their future selves, their parents watched. Turns out, they seek many more achievements in their future than just the professions we imagine them in. And while we may not be a part of their future... we can help them prepare for it.

So that they can write their own success story.

"When you're not around..."

Have you ever stopped to think about what you mean to the ones who love you? Have you ever stopped to think about their life without you? We made people stop and think about life #WhenYouAreNotAround.

Because you want to be around your loved ones all the time, let the feeling of having your love and support live on with the ones who matter.

The 6 step WO approach

We believe in helping our clients 'invest wisely' and making investment choices that are aligned with their financial goals and their risk profile. By using a scientific and transparent six step investment process we arrive at the ideal solution to optimize your wealth.

Mutual Funds

When money is brought together, like a lot of things in life, its power increases. Mutual Funds are an example of pooling money together with other investors and making it grow. In this video, we try & simplify the world of Mutual Funds for you.


Like in life, Bonds in investment portfolios also need time and patience to create and nurture. Strong bonds help us in the future, by giving us fruitful yields. In this video, we try and understand bonds better - their quality, suitability and sustainability.

Regular Savings Plan

A little saving each month will go a long way to build your future. Saving regularly is the basis of a good savings plan; it helps instill the habit of saving in each member of the family. In this video, we demonstrate how small contributions add up to build a larger pool through a regular savings plan.

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